untitled //

my whole life

i have been asking myself

if i am enough for you.

when i should be


if i am enough for me.

what good am i to you -

if i'm no good for me.

on a paper stick

on a paper stick //

He spun the world

on a paper stick.

like cotton candy,

the prize of the carnival,

for every ten-year-old boy.

the trophy is a weightless puff of sugar air.


if you see his face --

the young, free spirit --

in line for the bubblegum pink cloud;

if you see his eyes

bloom out like a flower

that has just met morning sun;

if you watch his mouth

curve in a cheek-pinched smile,

because what he holds is good --


then you know Christ

because He is both the

little Boy enjoying

and the One behind the counter

spinning it all into existence

on a paper stick.


enough //

it is hard

to think

you are not enough.


it is harder

to believe

that you are.